React Info


 Ahead of the opening of the Turner Prize 2013 exhibition, Derry-Londonderry UK City of Culture 2013 and Tate are running REACT, a campaign to bring the Turner prize a new audience and stimulate debate and interest in contemporary art.

Starting in Belfast on Thursday, October 3 the REACT mobile studio will tour across Ireland, staffed with a specialist React team, accompanied by the celebrated portrait photographer, Seamus Ryan. The React team will document the reactions of people from all backgrounds to the idea of contemporary art, in videos, photographs and text. The intention is to catalyse a debate that will continue through Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

This is the first time the Turner Prize has left England and React campaign aims to ignite conversations and debate around contemporary art and its value and place in society. The relocation of the exhibition for 2013 will introduce the Turner Prize to a fresh audience of all ages and backgrounds. The campaign supports the idea you don’t have to be an art expert to enjoy contemporary art and encourages people to come and see the exhibition for themselves when it opens on October 23 in the former Ebrington military barracks. The Turner Prize is presented Derry~Londonderry in association with event partner Diamond Corrugated.


The tour dates are:


Thursday 3 October, 11am to 4pm – Belfast – The Streat - University of Ulster (former Art College)

Friday 4 October, 11am to 4pm - Armagh – City Library, Market Street

Saturday 5 October, 11am to 4pm – Enniskillen – Enniskillen Castle Museum   

Sunday 6 October, 11am to 4pm - Belfast – Ulster Museum

Monday 7 October, 11am to 4pm  – Dublin - NCAD

Tuesday 8 October, 11am to 4pm  – Derry~Londonderry – University of Ulster Magee

Wednesday 9 October, 11am to 4pm – The Streat – University of Ulster Coleraine

Thursday 10 October, 11am to 4pm - Letterkenny – Letterkenny IT


At each of the REACT locations, alongside the studio, there will be talks at local coffee shops led by the Turner Prize Education team and special Turner Prize Ambassadors.

The culmination of the REACT campaign will be a series of three major Turner Prize debates, taking place at the Dublin, Belfast and at the Turner Prize Education Centre at Ebrington in Derry-Londonderry.